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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  August 12, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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melissa. melissa: that's right. the world is mourning the loss of a true comedy legend. live pictures from the marin county sheriff's office as we await a news conference regarding the death of robin williams. the beloved comedian checked himself into rehab early last month after battling alcohol and drug addiction throughout his career. a statement from the actor's representative said, he has been battling severe depression of late. this is a tragic and a sudden loss. his wife susan went on to say the world has lost one of its most beloved artists. the hope is that the focus is not on robin's death but the countless memories of joy and laugher he gave to millions. the stand-up comic got his big break on the television show "mork & mindy" in 1978. he went on to star in such films as "good morning vietnam" and "mrs. doubtfire." he won an oscar in 1998 for his performance in good will hunting. we're awaiting the news
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conference. we'll bring it to you as soon as it happens. meantime i want to bring in today's panel, fox business's own dave asman. "barron's" editor jack otter and spencer ante. what is your favorite memory or role? >> wow, i think "awakenings." where he played the psychiatrist. how ironic he played characters he was on either side of in real life. but that's when you could see him as a real actor. melissa: yeah. >> he actually, the, for me the judge of a good actor if he can make plea genuinely laugh and cry and he did both. melissa: "goodwill hunting" too. >> absolutely. melissa: jack? >> i was a cub reporter in east hampton covering steven spielberg's wedding to kate capshaw. williams was one of the guests. the at rehearsal dinner he ran up the stairs of nick and tony's restaurant singing, singing in the rain. he seemed so gleeful. the guy was as you on.
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he was never not performing. melissa: yeah, spencer. >> "goodwill hunting" for me. we all knew his craziness, his antics, the speed, his mind works so fast. always on like you said. when with "goodwill hunting" he sort of quieted down showed you whole another side of his humanity. he always had this deep humanity to him which endeared him to a lost peel. he was crazy. showed the real side of humanity. that is what stays with me. melissa: yeah. >> to that point he was always on, guy who knew him pretty well, jamie masada founder of laugh factory where he performed quite frequently, here is the quote after he heard he died, jamie said he was always in character. i knew him 35 years and never heard him. >> carville was on with bill o'reilly, sat in the green room, 25 minutes of straight comedy. never let down. impromptu. melissa: i tweeted this morning, we mentioned "mork & mindy," i played mindy in flash back
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episode of "mork & mindy." i worked with robin williams. he was on the whole time. anytime we were rehearsing, always ad-libbing and doing extra things. this teddy bear in the center i still have, that is him sitting on shelf at home was my prop through the show. mr. one-eye. was key part of the plot. at end of the show he insisted that i keep the teddy bear. the props master went bananas. what if we have to reshoot. you can not give the toy to the girl, that is ridiculous. prop belongs to the show. i remember, have vision in my head, standing there with his back to me, insisting prop manager, is this girl's birthday. you have to let her have the teddy bear. my kids sleep wit. yeah. >> there are stories where he got down on his knees in order to perform for kids. he genuinely -- by the way, he loved the military. he was very, very brave guy. went to the front lines. he used to wear marine pin as i often do. and, so he really went out of
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his way to help peep. just, it is just, god, suicide is just an awful thing. the problem is you leave a legacy of bad legacy behind as well. it is a tragedy. melissa: fox news's william la jeunesse went down to the hollywood walk of fame in los angeles as fans mourned robin williams. here's that. >> well, this is where robin williams got his start, the comedy club circuit in hollywood. the improve, the comedy store, here at the laugh factory on sunset boulevard. take a look at the mark key. it challenges robin williams rest if peace to take his comedy talent to the next level, to make god laugh. outpouring of appreciation for lifetime of entertaining. this is picture from his star on the hollywood walk of fame. instead of a moment of silence last night, his fellow comedians celebrated his career in movies, tv, stage. >> anyone look working today look to robin williams and pull
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some kind of an influence from him. i feel like he is one of the greatest comedians that ever lived. >> would always come over to us. i hear you work at laugh factory, work at comedy store. that is where i started. so he, he just said to keep, plowing forward and keep working at your craft. >> williams rose to fame became addicted to cocaine in '70s and 0's, he once told "people" magazine cocaine was his way of slowing down. gave him excuse not to talk. he quit after watching john belushi die of an overdose and birth of his first child. after 20 years of being clean -- melissa: here is the press conference. let's listen in. >> b, o, y,d. on august 11th, 2014, approximately 11:55 p.m. ma rhine county communications received a 911 telephone call that a male adult was located
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unconscience and not breathing inside his residence at 59 st. thomas in unincorporated tiburon, california. the caller was distraught, indicated at that time apparent suicide due to hanging was taken place and rigor mortis set in. the sheriff's office as well as representatives of the tiburon fire department and southern marin fire protection district were dispatched to the incident with emergency personnel arriving on scene at 12:00 p.m. the male subject, who was pronounced deceased by firefighters from the tiburon fire department at 12:02 p.m. has been identified as robin mclauren williams, 63-year-old resident of unincorporated tiburon, california. preliminary information developed during the investigation by coroner division personnel revealed mr. williams had been seeking treatment for depression. mr. williams was last seen alive by his wife at approximately
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10:30 p.m., on august 10th, 2014, when she retired for the evening in a room in the home. it is unknown at this time when mr. williams retired for the evening in a bedroom in his home at approximately 10:30 a.m., on august 11th, 2014, mr. williams's wife left the home, believing mr. williams to still be asleep. mr. williams's personal assistant became concerned at approximately 11:45 a.m., when he failed to respond to knocks on his bedroom door. at that time the personal assistant was able to gain access to mr. williams's bedroom and entered the bedroom to find mr. williams clothed in seated position, unresponsive with a belt secured around his neck with the other end of the belt wedged between the closed closet door and the door frame. his right shoulder area was touching the door with his body perpendicular to the door and slightly suspendedded.
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mr. williams, at that time was cool to the touch with rigor mortis present in his body and positioned appropriately for the position he was located in. the inside of mr. william's left wrist had several acute, superficial transfer cuts. a pocketknife with a closed blade was located in close proximity to mr. williams. the pocketknife, was examined and a dry, red material was located on the, excuse me, blade of the knife which appeared consistent to dried blood. it is unknown at this time if the dried red material is in fact blood, or if it is mr. williams's blood but scientific testing will be conducted to evaluate its investigative value. mr. williams was transported from the scene to the napa county sheriff's office morgue by the coroner division pending a forensic examination which was conducted this morning prior to this press conference. the forensic examination
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conducted by dr. joseph cohen, who is the sheriff's office for marin county chief forensic pathologist did not reveal any injuries indicating mr. williams had been in a struggle for physical altercation prior to him being located deceased. preliminary, and again i say preliminary results of the forensic examination revealed supporting physical signs that mr. williams's life ended from a a fix yaw due to hanging. -- a fix yaw. 69 toxicology testing will be conducted to determine if mr. williams had any chemical substances within his system at the time of his death. toxicology results will be available, excuse me, will not be available for approximately two to 60 weeks while the test something being performed. please note that this is an active investigation into the cause, manner and circumstances of mr. williams's death. the work of the coroner's office is not complete at this time. the final cause and manner of death will not be certified
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until the conclusion of the investigation which is several weeks away. when the investigation is concluded, and our final results are ready for dissemination, a press conference will be scheduled at that time. additionally i have received numerous requests for copies of 911 and dispatch recordings as well as investigative reports. please note each request will be handled in accordance with public record guidelines with responses provided to those who have submitted them within 10 days. media inchoirries should be continued to directed to me, lieutenant keith boyd, via my email at kboyd@marin marin, sheriff, dot, o, r, g. i will respond to these inquiries, time permitting as i receive them. keep in mind at this time the coroner's division is
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investigating active cases from other residents in this community. i will respond to your inquiries time permitting. that conclude the written statement at this time. i will open up to take a few questions, understanding this is an active investigation and there is some information that will be withheld until the final press conference in several weeks. >> the fact there was rigor mortis set in, does that give you more of an idea a timeline of when this incident may have taken place? >> rigor mortis is a sign that will be evaluated in conjunction with the liver mortis la individuality, to try to correlate time period that the death may have occurred. lividity. there is no perfect environment when you're talking about scientific studies and lividity -- melissa: that is the marin sheriff's office talking about the death of robin williams. adding tragic detail. he died with a belt around his neck. his assistant found him.
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they found a knife at the scene. it appeared to he tried to slash his wrists as well. really gruesome details. so tragic, one of the tweets i saw really caught my attention, he brought so much joy to everyone else. he like he din save anymore himself. >> there were times he did have joy but he, really struggled so hard with these demons. appears he had a tortured ending which is awfully awful. any suicide is tortuous but this one particularly. i know the name of the show is "money." shows money and fame does not solve your problems. in fact sometimes, it intensifies them. melissa: yeah. >> it is not, anytime someone commits suicide it is a surprise but he was very open about his demons and actually made it part of his comedy routine. melissa: yeah. >> and made fun of it. and i think that helped him maybe sort of come to terms or, you know, ease the pain a little bit. melissa: yeah. >> sadly it didn't do enough. melissa: so often with great genius comes great anguish as
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well. we saw him certainly suffer with that. >> his comedy, approach to everything he did and acting was so smart, particularly painful to think that he couldn't overcome that somehow with his intellectual power. melissa: oscar-winning actor and comedian, robin williams dead at the age of 63. [ male announcer ] ours was the first modern airliner, revolutionary by every standard. and that became our passion. to always build something better, airplanes that fly cleaner and farther on less fuel. that redefine comfort and connect the world like never before. after all, you can't turn dreams into airplanes
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melissa: welcome back to "money." we may be working more but we're not earning anymore. now study that new jobs added since the recession pay an average of 23% than those lost in the downturn. david, jack and spencer are back with me. you could feel this. this is interesting to see it in print. david. >> this is why the economy, even though it does continue to recover, americans still feel that we're in a slump. all those polls say, you know the majority of americans think that we're still in a recession. melissa: right. >> to them, they can't buy what they want and need. melissa: if you lost your job and got one again, you're making maybe $50,000 before. now you're making less than 40. what impact does that have on everything else? >> i mean obvious thing is,
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you're spending less. melissa: right. >> he have one else spending our income collectively. when people spend less, we make less. i worked at a magazine that shut down at the bottom of the recession and it took me a long time to get back to that salary. >> which one? i know it well. >> i lived this and i know everyone else has too. melissa: spencer? >> to that point, one of the interesting things about this recession is the high-wage jobs and middle class jobs have been hit the hardest. during recovery it is lower paying jobs have seen the biggest growth. melissa: right. >> that depressed sort of the recovery and you know there has been some exceptions, you know, in technical services and software and computers. melissa: speaking of that, that is great transition. the bots are back in new company filing. twitter admits, 23 million of its active users are actually, are not actually people. 8.5% of the total monthly active users are bots. so the jobs may not be back but
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the robots are back. they're filling in for them on twitter. what does this tell but new economy and whole twitter sphere? >> twitter better redo the ad count, 8.5% of the people telling advertisers are respond are robots. robots don't respond to ads. melissa: they don't buy anything either. >> they don't buy anything. twitter has to account for that somewhere in its ad count. melissa: yeah. >> this is why this is really serious issue. good example i think facebook when it ipod. the value was $100 billion. it went down and back up. 2,000 employees for 100 billion-dollar company. 20 years ago, a 100 billion-dollar company had 200,000 employees. in new company you need fewer people. melissa: you need fewer people but actually people if you pitch to them. >> plus bots. >> software is eating the world as marc andreessen once said. what is interesting about twitter, this is not just a twitter problem. this is problem for entire
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online advertising industry. some studies estimate 1/3 of web traffic is fake. melissa: a third? that is a lot. >> twitter stock is up. maybe one of the reasons it is up because twitter's bot perrage is below 10%, much lower than industry afterring. melissa: that is interesting point. hitter hitting below the belt. rival ride sharing company, lyft, people ordered and canceled more than 5,000 lyft requests since october this is accusation. shows you how cutthroat the industry has become. what do you think, jack. >> if it is true frankly is really stupid. uber ishundred pound gorilla. it is more vulnerable to anyone in this game. not saying i believe it. if so it is not a smart tactic. melissa: it may show how determined they are to win and to be that gorilla they are using guerrilla tactics.
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>> forget apple and uber and lyft. uber has huge advantage. twice as big as lyft they could buy them and get rid of them quickly. melissa: i don't know anyone that used lyft. >> there is very simple solution. have a cancellation fee. that would stop these things from happening. if granted that might pull back some of -- >> consumers wouldn't like it. >> cancellation fee. he see it coming because, it will come and go these things. have it on both side. melissa: i don't think you can do it. wouldn't get any new users who haven't tried it. if you charge them cancel the first time you will not get anyone new. >> how else will they stop it? melissa: i don't know. thanks, guys. humanitarian aid never looked so suspicious. fear is growing of a russian invasion as trucks head to the ukrainian border. plus the curse of atlantic city. this hotel is closing its door after only two years. do you ever have too much money?
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melissa: power struggle in iraq has nouri al-maliki refuses to step down from his position as prime minister. meanwhile the u.s. continues airstrikes on isis territories. secretary of state john kerry repeating there will be no u.s. combat troops on the ground. joining me former deputy assistant secretary of defense peter brookes and "washington times" monica crowley, also a fox news contributor. peter brookes, let me start with you. do you believe that, that there will be no combat troops on the ground? is that realistic? >> well, large numbers. i think that is what the obama administrations want. if there are airstrikes going on there are probably u.s. troops on the ground, special
2:25 pm
operations forces because, melissa, these precision bombs require laser guidance and so there is probably somebody on the ground, special forces types, actually targeting those isis forces, that the bops are hitting. in large numbers i think that is what the obama administration wants but there are probably people on the ground already in the combat zone. >> that is what they want. monica, what do you think? will it require more manpower than that? >> depend how grave the situation continues to develop here and how resilient isis forces are. i agree with peter there are probably special-ops forces on the ground but politically president obama will never be in the position of introducing regular ground troops in this situation. not only are they trying to beat back the jihadi threat of this terrorist army of isis but they're also in the position because the president has couched it largely in humanitarian terps that this is now a humanitarian operation to try to save some of these religious minorities that are also threatened. and i don't think you can completely do that from the air.
2:26 pm
melissa: meantime, you know the president is offering the new regime aid in return for creating a government that is more inclusive. do you think that is an effort that will be successful, peteer? >> well, it is hard to say. maliki could, the other day he was sending iraqi forces throughout baghdad, especially the green zone. i'm not sure he would go silently. politically it is tougher for the u.s. to provide aid. malaki undertake as military coup it would push into force u.s. law that would prevent us from providing assistance to them. it complicates things even more. the problem, how long is it going going to take for the government in baghdad to get their act together? the house is on fire. that is my real concern. melissa: meantime a russian humanitarian convoy has been dispatched to eastern ukraine. russia says the convoy is carrying food and water and other aid.
2:27 pm
kiev says it will not allow vehicles to cross into its territory many have said u.n. and elsewhere, potentially a trojan horse. we're looking at trucks. we don't know what is this there. this could be beginning ever invasion. monica, what are in the trucks do you think. >> a lot of people talking about pro-russian forces in eastern ukraine as separatists or rebels. let's be clear what they are, melissa. they are putin's proxies. putin troops and activists on the ground agitating to justify exactly what we fear might happen here, whether it is, this convoy or more orchestrated action, which is russia actually taking over first eastern ukraine and maybe trying to take over the entire country. saw from the beginning with annexation of crimea. if you're vladmir putin, and you're sitting in the kremlin and have these ambitions and look across western europe and
2:28 pm
across the pond to the united states and there is nobody and nothing there to stop you, then why not? melissa: show us those pictures again. peter as former deputy assistant secretary of defense, what do you make of trucks going in there? what do you think is this there? what would you say? >> i understand ukrainians, are these trucks filled with tons of beans or tons of bullets? they're closing in on the pro-rebel force, or the pro-russia rebels there. that insurgency movement may fold in the coming days. so what russia has to make some bold decisions here. whether they're trying to smoke in, bullets or special operations forces or whatever, the ukrainians will not allow it. but you still have 20 to 40,000 russian troops, hardened russian troops across the border that could certainly go into eastern ukraine if that pro-russia rebel movement folds at the hands of the ukrainian armed forces. melissa: thanks to both of you. appreciate your time. >> thank you. melissa: at your service. this robotic butler invading a california hotel.
2:29 pm
you have to see what it does and how it could soon be knocking at your door. plus polaroid goes after goh pro. once iconic camera maker brand new bid to become relevant again. "piles of money" and pictures coming right up.
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deirdre: wall street's favorite camera getting a little competition from an old standby. polaroid launching the camera that could be a major threat to go pro. president of capital management, also a fox business contributor thank you for joining us. we have always said go pro is a very cool, hip product everybody loves, no barrier to entry and apparently that is true.
2:33 pm
>> there is barrier to entry in much of the technology, polarized to the combat went from zero to a billion dollars in revenues over a short period of time, and they will attempt to do it. gopro has the coolness factor, everybody i see has it at this point in time. i think it will be a tough road but i don't think it will just be polaroid. deirdre: don't you think people were interested in doing crazy stunts with the camera on them and post it on youtube? >> it is all about marketing. if they can remain the cool thing on your surfboard or your mountain bike or whatever it will stay there. the next step. pro is to turn it itself into a media company. how can you share this, put it on your television, get it on youtube or whatever. makmaking it easy and smooth, tt will be alike up on everyone.
2:34 pm
deirdre: you can preorder it today, gopro runs 300, 400, $500. microsoft getting all up in apples orchard. apparently launching the so-called selfie phone days before the radial of iphone 6. you strike me as so many who take this selfie everywhere you go. >> i tweet a lot. microsoft is in deep trouble, i hope the market share numbers for the windows phone went from 4% globally to about 3% despite a huge marketing push, and they are busily getting crushed by android phones which i don't think they will be able to come back from this and it will be really tough running. i will give them credit, playing out the press announcement before the iphone is smart.
2:35 pm
deirdre: will there be a backlash against selfie? i was reading about a couple in portugal who fell backward off a cliff because they were taking a selfie of themselves with their kids and they were so concerned with getting the perfect picture, they died. it is crazy. >> don't forget kim kardashian is coming out with a selfie look, that should and the craze if you ask me. i didn't even know microsoft had a phone, doesn't even register right now. apple is probably going to go before them when they hear microsoft will do that. deirdre: "wall stree "wall stre" giving them a vote of confiden confidence. they made a lot of good points. they said israelis are using it when rockets are coming.
2:36 pm
but there were talking about applications down road you could potentially use it to unlock your computer. a lot of interesting ideas in there. do you buy the hype? >> i don't. number snap chat wood and take $4 billion for a company. this might work out that would not bet on it. smart people are coming up with cool apps all the time. very few catch fire. >> i would say i am not ready to declare yo the next big thing, but in the valley it is interesting sometimes the things people make fun of the most tend to be the most valuable. same thing with facebook, a toy for college kids, fourth $200 billion now. twitter the same thing. three years later they have evolved and the government is being overthrown by twitter.
2:37 pm
deirdre: they said the whole idea was so stupid nobody else was doing it. we will cease was so smart in the end. steve ballmer finally gets his chance with the big boys, plu plus -- >> a mix up with a little bit of mexican, so it is really cool, i would go here. deirdre: talk about going after the cool kids by woo them. at the end of the day, it is all about tacos. [bell rings] ♪ time and sales data. split-second stats. ♪ its so close to the options floor,
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and with responsive, dedicated support, we help you shine every day of the week. melissa: steve ballmer is finally the owner of the l.a. clippers. attorney confirms the deal closed earlier today after california court ruled chile sterling have the authority to sell the team. the deal is worth around $2 billion. space axes being sued by former employees for alleged violations of labor laws. accused of an unlawful mass layoff for having fired 400 employees in late july. some of those workers can they did not receive their 60 days notice required by the state. and front man has now build a
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fleet of 10 aircraft in wales. he will use them to lease them in europe and asia. rock on. giving you the power to prosper.
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melissa: call it talk about for the discerning palate.
2:42 pm
yum brands launching the u.s. tactocco company in huntington beach, california. obviously had to stand by for the grand opening. customers are thrilled. >> this is so totally different. never expected it coming from taco bell. >> definitely thought it was pressure and better put together. >> it is very beachy and not traditional mexican. >> it is better than talk about. i the time. buwhat meat and cheese. melissa: i like him in the first girl say it is "so totally lik like." we have some tocco experts with us. it is so totally like not taco bell. that was a big question when we
2:43 pm
sent people out there, did you know this is actually taco bell under a different guys? they were pretty shocked, huntington beach, hermosa beach, you never know. will it work? >> as long as he don't tell them it is taco bell, i'm always interested in a good lobster tocco. you're not finding it anything like taco bell is. maybe the college market or too drunk to go somewhere else kind of market. melissa: you mentioned the lobster tocco. they are calling it the one-percenter. >> it has come way down in pri price. this sic a great way to class ua meal. if you're looking to class up and act, he can get lobster on the cheap these days, their take advantage of it, good for them.
2:44 pm
melissa: they go out, they try to copy it with something more expensive, go after the crowd that takes pictures of their food. can they pull it off? they are still taco bell. >> i don't think people see it that way. that was very successful. look at mcdonald's really hurting because kids today don't see it. now it is seen as hardening your arteries. they have to innovate and get cool stuff out there. melissa: burger king finally done playing chicken with angry customers bowing to pressure from social media. bringing chicken fries back on the menu. those are fried chicken wings shaped like french fries. fries. they got tweet about chicken fries every 40 seconds. can you imagine? they said who are we to get in the way of our guest having chicken fries? do you buy this? >> not really.
2:45 pm
i cannot imagine. >> it has been about three decades since i had the official munchies if you will, so i don't recall. they did not have this three decades ago. >> every 40 seconds? i did not know stoners. type that fast. >> it reached fever pitch on buzz feed. this interesting the power of buzz feed as well because they have become a huge property. interesting if they brought it back and now it didn't sell. >> somebody the marketing department deserves a raise. >> they look at what has happened with mcdonald's recently. >> do you try to do the upscale place like tacos did, or the chicken fries? you guys are so totally like great guests. stocks edging lower.
2:46 pm
on the floor of the new york stock exchange. energy continues to be the weak link here today. >> we are also see a little bit of weakness and technology and consumer discretionary. europe really started back in june, starting this morning driven economic data, over 1.5% or 1.2%, that led a lot of stocks lower. pressure from energy, it is expected after being up almost 2% from friday and monday, a bit overdone. they may need to back it up a bit in the short run. melissa: thank you so much. joining us now, liz claman through the next hour. liz: we did not want to ignore anomaly we strong job report, it
2:47 pm
basically puts together an aggregate for the job openings and the numbers of them. it jumped 17% in the most recent reading. this is a 13-year hybrid labor demand. with all of these openings, companies are slow to higher. why? that answer with the former chairman of the council of economic advisors, a very interesting perspective on this. he did work or george w. bush, a good number. talking about how to get it even better. how to get your investing even better. very smart guys, looking at the five things they look at, and then decide if they should get defensive. some of the smartest guys arou around. plus watching the market, flat to lower, and watching your
2:48 pm
money like you do. melissa: a number of smart people pointed that out to me today, i can't wait to watch that today. it is the most wonderful time of the year. shark week is underway, those creatures of the deep dark blue sinking their teeth into some major green. and goodbye butler. you have to see the new robotic bellhop that, lending a hand on the next vacation. you can never have too much money. 9m so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there are no branches?
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24/7 it's just i'm a little reluctant to try new things. what's wrong with trying new things? feel that in your muscles? yeah... i do... try a new way to bank, where no branches equals great rates.
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melissa: whether it is on wall street or main street, here's who is making money today. big scary fish everywhere. shark week pulling in the highest ratings in the 27 years history. attracting nearly 4 million people come around the same number of people who turned in to watch "sharknado 2". we cannot get enough. speaking of daily beast, get ready for the robot uprising. the latest addition to a hotel near apple headquarters. there is a robotic bellhop called the "bot"ler. spencer, how would you feel if a robotic came out to your door offering razors and soap and towels. >> i read the story about this robot and i don't buy this when it is not about laborsaving or automation.
2:53 pm
melissa: of of course it is. >> this could be the perfect use for room service, i believe because you are just getting out of the shower, the room service guy comes, you don't want to see a human being. you just ruined it for me. melissa: i ruined it for you. >> i'm thinking they'r there als of pranks that are going to be involved. saving a lot of money. >> there is no ice machine. melissa: where do you stay, motel six? rambling down the hall, offering you whatever.
2:54 pm
he goes >> rex floor, and he finds the right room, he does have little sensors on him. this is going to put a lot of people out of work. >> collectively robots will put a lot of people out of work. they basically have. now with amazon, it is becoming kind of normal. melissa: i like the executive says it will enhance customer service, not replace the human talent. of course not. thanks to both of you guys. another atlantic city casino down on his luck and closing up shop taking 3000 jobs along with it. at the end of the day it is all about money. 3rd and 3.
2:55 pm
58 seconds on the clock, what am i thinking about? foreign markets. asian debt that recognizes the shift in the global economy. you know, the kind that capitalizes on diversity across the credit spectrum and gets exposure to frontier and emerging markets. if you convert 4-quarter p/e of the s&p 500, its yield is doing a lot better... if you've had to become your own investment expert, maybe it's time for bny mellon, a different kind of wealth manager ...and black swans are unpredictable.
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>> call it the curse of atlantic city. newly opened rebel casino is shutting down slots for good next month. the second of four ac casinos as other gambling hot spots take the spot. is there anything they can save themselves from going all in? i feel like atlantic city is built on indian burial ground. it feels curseed. >> i feel they overbuilt when there weren't a lot of people going to gamble. i think they built out of themselves, to be honest. >> what's the difference between atlantic city and vegas? why is it they can make a go of it in vegas and atlantic city -- it seems like they have a lot going for it. people want to spend money, go on vacation.
2:59 pm
there is a beach, they have great acts coming in. great concerts. they tried to build nice hotels. what's the problem? >> for 36 years that casinos have been there, they have the feeling i'm going to do the slots. it's always with the slots at atlantic city, that is the persona and just the past few years, building up the allure of the beautiful hotel. >> i feel they should implode and blow up and start three miles down with a new name. would it work? maybe it's the area. >> i think they just really did too much, and it was in a time when they shouldn't have outbuild themselves. i think las vegas has the great new restaurants opened, that have high-end chefs that are coming in. >> very high-end shopping and appeal, more to do than sit in the casino and breathe in the recycled air. >> i don't know why people need to go atlantic city anymore.
3:00 pm
>> you solved it right there. that is all we have right now. the market down 30 points. i hope you're making money today. "countdown to the closing bell" starts right now.. liz: investor alert! persistent tensions between russia and ukraine pushing german investor sentiment to a near two year low raising fears about europe's biggest economy. liz: and schlumberger warning russian sanctions will hurt its bottom line. jobs in america, 4.7 million job openings in june alone. it's a much stronger number than expected and the highest in 13 years. the chairman, janet pays close attention to the jolt report. what does it is a about the economy and fed policy? former presidential economic adviser ed is here with us live. this is a speed bump for tesla. one day after the stock surges


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